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Nu-Prime is an extremely fine particle size, wet adhesion promoted acrylic primer coat specifically designed for powdery roof tiles and concrete surfaces. Its technically advanced formula is designed to promote deep penetration ensuring top coat adhesion. Nu-Prime is a non-yellowing clear primer which is fully compatible with all Nutech topcoat systems.



Nu-Prime is a high quality compound adhesive which bonds difficult to penetrate powdery surfaces. Used as an undercoat on powdery surfaces, Nu-Prime provides an excellent surface for topcoatings. Concrete and masonry surfaces undercoated with Nu-Prime require substantially less top coat product compared to an unsealed surface.


Nu-Prime remains one of the only products recommended for the prepartion of powdery oxidised surfaces.



Surfaces undercoated with Nu-Prime and topcoated with either Tileflex, Nuflex or Colourfast perform exceptionally after curing under all weather conditions to provide a 100% waterproof coating.


Nu-Prime has undergone rigourous Testing and special consideration has been given to ensure the chemical composition and compatibility are suitable for all Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asian and UK conditions. Nu-Prime is a stable non-yellowing coating which retains both flexibility and strength, whilst also providing superb protection against becteria and mould on most surfaces.

Typical Properties


Milky white viscous liquid

Total Solids:




Specific Gravity:


Water Solubility


Min Film Forming Temp:

10 Degrees celsius

Min Film Thickness:

(Subject to surface conditions)

Application Rate:

1 Saturation coat @ 4m2 per litre



  • Improved Drying Speed
  • Guaranteed Intercoat Adhesion
  • High Resistance To Mould And Fungus
  • 100% Water And Weatherproof Performance
  • Easy Application By Brush, Roller, Or Spray Unit
  • Ultra-Violet Radiation Resistant When Overcoated
  • Economical Primer Coat
  • Excellent Penetration Through Oxidised Powery Tile Surfaces



  • AVOID mist spraying on hot tiles to prevent flash surface drying.
  • Coat in cooler weather conditions or pre-wet the roof with cold water to reduce the surface temperature.
  • Flood apply the coating onto the tile to maximise the penetration through the powdery surface.