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Master Sealer

Master Sealer is an extremely large particle size, wet adhesion promoted acrylic primer coat specifically designed for porous roof tiles and concrete surfaces. Its technically advanced formula is designed to promote a high build film ensuring top coat adhesion and uniformity with finish.Master Sealer is applied as a milky white liquid and dries water clear. Nutech colour tinter can be added and it also can be coloured by the addition of NuFlex to provide a coloured sealer.



Master Sealer is a high quality primer undercoat designed for stable porous roof tile surfaces. Because of the products high resin solids, good film build is possible on very porous aggregate exposed tile surfaces. Rough tile sufaces primed with Master Sealer develop excellent gloss and colour appearance.



Surfaces undercoated with Nu-Prime and topcoated with either Tileflex, Nuflex or Colourfast perform exceptionally after curing under all weather conditions to provide a 100% waterproof coating.


Surface primed with Master Sealer and overcoated with TileFlex, NuFlex or Colourfast perform exceptionally under conditions of hot, cold and wet weather provide correct surface preparation has been ensured. Master Sealer has undergon regorous testing by the C.S.I.R.O and special consideration has been given to ensure that its chemical compostition is especially suitable for Australian, New Zealand, South-East Asian and UK conditions.


Master Sealer provides a excellant protection against bacteria and mould on most surfaces. Special additives including UV light screens/abosorbers and stabilisers can be included in formulations on request to achieve a highly stable and non-yellowing clear coating suitable for a wide range of applications.

Typical Properties


Opaque white viscous liquid

Total Solids:




Specific Gravity:


Water Solubility


Min Film Forming Temp:

15 Degrees celsius

Min Film Thickness:

95 microns (1 coat)

Application Rate:

1coats @ 4 m2 per litre





  • 100% Acrylic For Maximum Durability
  • Excellent Build And Surface Adhesion
  • Improved Mould, Fungus And Lichen Resistance
  • 100% Water Weatherproof Performance
  • Improved Hardness, Flexibility and Curing Time
  • Easy Application By Brush, Roller, Or Spray Unit
  • Ultra-Violet Radiation Resistant
  • Suitable For Smooth Or Porous/Rough Tile Surfaces
  • Fully compatible With TileFlex, NuFlex and Colourfast



  • DO NOT apply Master Sealer in very low temperatures to avoid adhesion problems