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Accopol 847

Accopol 847 is a fine particle size, wet adhesion promoted co-polymer resin solution. Accopol 847 can be colour tinted, or supplied as a clear sealer



Nutech Accopol 847 is a high quality semi-gloss exterior co-polymer acrylic coating for roof tiles, and concrete surfaces. Accopol 847 has exceptional durability, chemical resistance, weatherability, rigidity, gloss flow, and wet adhesion characteristics.


Designed as a three coat system on oxidised surfaces, and a two coat system on high density surfaces, Accopol 847 provides a highly adhesive coating.


Nutech Accopol 847 has excellent pigment disersion and can be cut in various appropriate solvents on request. Accopol 847 provides excellent protection against bacteria and mould



Nutech Accopol 847 has been designed to provide a roof tile and concrete surface coating with excellent weatherproofing and durability properties, including exceptional wet adhesion performance.


Surfaces coated with Nutech Accopol 847 perform exceptionally under conditions of hot, cold, and wet weather.

Typical Properties


Clear colourless or coloured viscous liquid

Total Solids:




Specific Gravity:


Water Solubility


Min Film Forming Temp:

12 Degress celsius

Min Film Thickness:

150 microns

Application Rate:

2 coats @ 4 m2 per litre




  • Excellent Gloss And Colour Retention
  • Excellent Adhesion To New Cement Roof Tile Surfaces.
  • High Resistance To Mould And Fungus
  • 100% Water And Weatherproof Performance
  • Easy Application By Brush, Roller, Or Spray Unit
  • Ultra-Violet Rediation Resistant
  • Wide Range Of Colours Plus Custom Tinting
  • Excellent Penetration Through Oxidised Powery Tile Surfaces
  • Outstanding Durability



  • AVOID mist spraying on hot tiles to prevent flash surface drying.
  • An application rate of No-less than two coats should be applied